So this is me going to bed soon so I wanted to write out about myself first day of the JuNO challenge. Holy shit. The moment I signed up and posted the blog post saying I was joining late I got super horny. I edged right after it then spend sometime hunting for various challenges/tasks. 

And Of course I found @female-orgasm-denial ‘s lovely Wheel of denial. I had to sub out some thing because I wasn’t sure what it meant but ended up super wet as I had a run of 10 snaps per labia then 20 on my clit and then on all fours with clothes pins on my nipples. I got so horny – it was great I had never done the snaps before and they are amazing! So good night, I’m going to bed.

How wonderful! Welcome to the party and the pleasure-pain of snaps! We look forward to hearing how you get on.

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