Did I mention I’m not allowed to swear? I get into quite a lot of trouble for swearing with my long-term play partner. The punishment is deeply unpleasant. And so I try not to – I try to be a good girl.

But now: fuck. I’m so frustrated. I’ve woken up horny. I’m still wet from last night. I have a story to tell, but I want his permission before I upload the post. So you will all have to wait a little bit longer.

But I have to say: it was fucked up, and the most amazing feeling ever.

Oh baby, I have to warn you, he said. After this… comes a special kind of horniness.

“Oh, and… no touching tonight.”

FUCK. He was right. I went to bed without touching myself again, and though I meant to sleep in, I’ve woken up needy, and horny, and aching. I need to touch. I need to cum.

I was worried I would drop, after last night, that’s how soul-crushing it was. Instead, I’m more turned on than I have ever been. And I’m not sure it will ever go away again. I NEED TO CUM. I mean it this time, please. No hidden messages. I really want to cum. Please. Please. PLEASE.

“I’m going to keep you so fucking horny all the time. And you’re going to fucking love it.”

I do, I do. I love it.


I need to be told what to do today. I can’t make decisions. If I touch myself, I think I might cum. If I walk, I think I might cum. If I breathe, I think I might cum. My whole body is sexual now. The slightest touch. Even a harsh slap. Someone tapped my shoulder the other day, and I shuddered, because even that turned me on. Everything. Everything.


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