Crazy feeling

Kinda crazy feeling…I had many orgams the last week….all with permission of my wonderful Mistress and one without permission …(no worries, I git punished for this ?)

and all I do now, is edging …edging over and over again just to get the throbbing back…

… and you know what….I can edge now all I want….but… that truly pulsing, throbbing feeling will be back in one or two days…maybe three. Don’t get me wrong…I am already needy as f*** but you know that deep feeling of desperation and frustration in you, you feel that after some days of no cumming and just edging!

Time is the key….and I know my neediness is here and will come back stronger with everyday I am edging..and my wonderful Mistress knows that too….and she will be there ..making me more and more desperate with her amazing ideas to play with my neediness. *shiver* ♡

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