anything you can turn into a drinking game, you can turn into an edging game

Edging Games

This is a very interesting thought… hmm, how could that work.

I think I’d build it up, it’s all about the tease and anticipation.

Choose a drinking game of your choice, and here’s some others but each time you lose the forfeits are sexual (or combining them with drinking at first might not be a bad idea, just don’t get too drunk as you shouldn’t play sexually when not able to make judgement calls.

Edging Forfeits Game

That said, here’s how I’d work the forfeits, letting them slowly escalate – feel free to adapt to your situation:

  1. Drink plus confess how often you masturbate to the group
  2. Drink plus confess what sex toys you’ve owned and used
  3. Drink plus strip to bra or topless for guys, and play with your breasts/nipples for one minute
  4. Grind yourself on furniture or a willing volunteer in a way that turns you on
  5. Drink plus describe how you masturbate, then demonstrate through your clothes
  6. Strip to underwear – rub yourself for one minute through them
  7. Rub yourself inside your underwear until the game returns to you or you lose again
  8. Strip completely – continue to edge yourself
  9. Masturbate in a manner chosen by the person on your left
  10. Continue to edge – answer any three questions the group wants to know
  11. Beg each person playing to let you cum – they must all say yes if you are to be allowed, and if so, you have to cum in front of them all.
  12. Choose one person in the group to beg for permission – they can refuse, tell you to ruin it, ask you a question, or give you a task that you have to perform in order to be allowed to cum – including you making them cum first.

Anyone can ‘red card’ at any time to bow out, but they can’t keep watching, no cameras allowed, practise safe sex if you get to the last stage, and tell us all about it if you try this!

Hmm, now I think that King’s Cup game from the first link could do with a full on edging rewrite – I’ll get working on it! King’s Edge – could be good.

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