Alright everyone, here I am! So
before I start with my actual journal for JuNO, I wanted to make an introduction
post with some background information and how I plan on doing this. And just a
heads-up: My native language is NOT
ENGLISH. I know I’m pretty good at it, but there still might be some mistakes
here and there, so keep that in mind. Also, my libido is completely random, as I can go weeks without actually
masturbating because I ‘forget’ that it exists, or I masturbate multiple times
a day for a week because I’m always horny. I think it’s connected with my
fucked up hormones (I have PCOS but that’s just a minor information on the side).
Anyways, what I want to say here is: I might actually forget on some days that
I’m supposed to edge. I hope it won’t actually happen (or at least as little as
possible), but I can make no promises that I’ll be posting every day. And
honestly, I’m lucky that I felt horny this morning because otherwise I DEFINITELY
would’ve forgotten that JuNO starts today and I would be pissed at myself that
I missed the start. But onto more specific information!

1. The first and most important
thing I want to mention is, that I am COMPLETELY new to denial. I’ve never actively denied myself before, so I KNOW that I
won’t last the whole month. Just throwing that out there. I just followed @female-orgasm-denial (edging.space) and got really turned on by the thought of denial but never
actually did it because I didn’t know where to start and was afraid that I will
only disappoint myself by not being able to do it. But BECAUSE it turns me on
so much I decided to join JuNO. I thought ‘What better time to start than now,
when so many others are doing it as well? If they can do it then so can I!’ (It
also helped that it says in the instructions that it is alright if you
only make it a day or so. My brain works really funny sometimes, because if I
know I have the POSSIBILITY to do something without repercussions, I’m actually
less likely to do it. So the knowledge that I CAN have an orgasm if I really
need it, makes me more stubborn to not do it. So maybe I will manage the whole
month? Who knows.)

2. Even though I’m completely new to
denial, I AM very much familiar with edging.
Honestly, I started edging even before I knew there was a term for it. I just
really liked the high I have just before an orgasm and didn’t want the great feeling
to completely end (which would be an orgasm), so I stopped stimulation until I
calmed down a bit and then started again. I’m still having trouble riding the wave,
I tend to go over the edge too fast, but I’m very good at determining when to
completely stop to not go over. Then I stop stimulation, calm down for a couple
of minutes and continue until I reach that high again. These days I never
masturbate without at least 3 edges, it always made the orgasm so much better
and I don’t feel satisfied without it anymore. (I mean how boring is
masturbating and instantly having an orgasm? :P)

3. I’m 23 and a virgin. I do have my toys (including dildos) I regularly use, but I
never actually had sex before. I don’t know if this information is relevant,
but here it is anyway.

4. I will try to stick to at least 3 actual edges (as specified by
edgingspace) a day. But my schedule is all fucked up and random, because I help
my sister with her children a lot and it can be really random when she needs me.
(Next week for example I’m there for 4 half days, so obviously can’t edge then

5. They way I will handle the actual
journal will be as followed:
Whenever I edge, I will write my experiences and feelings down for that edge (in
a word document; will also include if I watched porn or not, etc.), save and
then continue on with my day. I will do this for every edge of the day and
after my last one (after I wrote it down and before I go to bed), I will post
my whole entry on this blog as one text post. Sometimes I’m too tired after a night/before
bed session to do more than drink some water and put my clothes back on. If
that is the case, I will write the last edge down first thing the next morning
and then publish it. Remembering all of the night before might also be a very
good start for my first edge the next day! Who knows 😛

Okay, I think I covered everything
that I wanted to cover, if not I will simply put an edit at the end of this
post. Other than that? I think I’m ready for this! I am actually VERY excited
to do this and hope others are as well. On that note: HAPPY DENYING EVERYONE!

Isn’t this exciting, someone trying this for the first time, and being so organised about it. We’re impressed!
Remember everyone to encourage and support those doing these public journals. Make sure you’re searching tumblr for the tags too (and switch to most recent instead of most popular on results to avoid just seeing all the same ones)

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