Dammit Tumblr, just as I start to like you again you go and do this to me!

You may be here having tried to search for female-orgasm-denial.tumblr.com, my main blog.

Without any warning I tried to log in today and found that Tumblr had terminated my account. I’m hoping it’s just a mistake and am waiting to hear back from their support. It would be tragic for all the time and effort I’ve put into female-orgasm-denial.tumblr.com and my other blogs to just disappear.

Lots of the old content is also to be found on here anyway so while it’s not beautifully laid out have a dig through the blog and enjoy yourself!

So visit here for updates and also my bdsmlr:


Fingers crossed we can get the Tumblr back as it still gets good coverage on Google, but this site has been climbing too so maybe it’ll end up replacing it.

If you want another way to keep up with my latest writing and content you can follow me on twitter: twitter.com/edgingspace

Love to you all


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