Hi James,

I’ve recently found your blog and am loving it. I’ve been interested in orgasm denial (along with various other kinks) for ages but never actually got around to trying it – not for any longer than a bit of tease and denial during a session. 

My husband and I have a pretty great sex life, but lately I’ve been wanting quite a lot more of it than him (various factors but mostly down to that he works shifts so often is too tired for a full on session, especially as he lasts a good long time (lucky me!) so it is pretty exhausting). I’ve got my toys, but didn’t want to feel like I was abandoning him for them (after a session with my magic wand I can end up pretty numb).

So after reading lots of your blog, particularly the Greatest Valentine’s Gift post, I wrote out my own note – prefaced with ‘please may I suck your cock while you read this’, then told him how much I’d enjoyed it when we’d fucked earlier that morning, when he came and I didn’t, and how turned on I’d been since having been left wanting. Told him I’d like to give denial a go (meaning that I can play with my toys as much as I want, provided that I don’t make myself come, with the added benefit of not feeling like I’m ditching him for them), and that I wouldn’t be nagging him for sex when he’s tired after work because of that, but I would be in a perpetually aroused state and therefore down for anything whenever he does feel up for it. I’m pretty sure the phrase ‘use me as your fucktoy’ was in there a few times…

So now this is what we’re doing. I don’t think I’ve ever been this constantly horny for this long. The first few nights were a challenge (am quite used to an orgasm before bed to help me sleep), but I’m getting more used to it. I slept with my knickers stuffed in my pussy last night, and today decided to do no touch (allowed to play with my boobs and ass but not my pussy or clit) and had my glass plug in when I started sucking his cock while he played Xbox this evening, and that ended in some rather brilliant anal (aside from a few thrusts in my pussy for a bit of extra lube), he got me to beg him to cum in my ass while he called me all sorts of filthy names and told me how he loves watching me squirm knowing I’m desperate to cum but not allowed to. I feel fucking amazing.

Thank you for your great blog which gave me the encouragement I needed to suggest denial to him. It’s made everything so much better!

Bee x

Well that’s amazing, thank you Bee, I couldn’t ask for more, what an encouragement. I’ve been unexpectedly busy this week but this is just the thing to get me back blogging. Sounds like you are doing brilliantly, well done both of you.

I called my wife in to read it, that really means it’s a good one! She loved it too, and then whispered in my ear ‘I think you’re letting me cum too much… I want to be that desperate again’.


So thanks Bee, you are so, so welcome!

And for those of you who haven’t read it, here’s the post she is referring to:


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