The Shape of Edging

I’ve recently watched the highly rated, Oscar nominated movie, The Shape of Water.

It’s a remarkable, surprising film, which is already being widely discussed on Tumblr. But what struck me most is the opening scene above (look folks I made a GIF!), where the star masturbates in the bath while her eggs cook (that’s not a euphemism).

I love how nonchalant it is. Shown to be part of her daily routine. Nothing extraordinary, or gratuitous. Just a woman who is sexually self-aware, and willing to indulge in a daily ritual of self-pleasuring. This is incredibly rare in mainstream media, where any masturbation, let alone women doing it, is treated as sinful/rare/perverted despite the US National Sexual Habits survey showing up to 84.6% of women do it.

Now as a denial fan the obvious extra detail I love here, is there’s no way she finished… the timer goes off just after she starts. Is it deliberate, or is it just a movie moment? No idea. But without a doubt, the winner of the Golden Globe (and top Oscar nominated) film this year opens up with a woman, repeatedly, edging.

Oh yeah! Spread the gospel!  – go to work on an edge

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