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My last orgasm was the day before thanksgiving. I haven’t had enough free time to have one since then, and I just heard about denial december. I wasn’t planning on it but now since I’m already technically 2 days in I can’t pass it up. I already want to orgasm so bad, but like that’s the whole point right?


Merry Christmas!

hello and happy friday! a quick question for you, my bf and i are going to try orgasm control and denial for the first time this weekend. he has some concerns (since he is new to kink) about how he should respond during sexy times when i ask for permission to cum. do you have any suggestions or key phrases that you use?


Yeah that about sums it up 🙂

Okay but really, this is where safewords come in really handy. Discuss beforehand that if you really, really NEED to cum you will use a safeword, yellow, or red, or pineapple or whatever. And if you don’t say that, he’s to not let you.

I know that feels a bit forced but it’s actually a huge relief to a dom in training to have the certainty. 

For bonus points he needs to tease you with it. Pretend he’s thinking about it, say things like maybe he’ll let you, suggest maybe he’ll ruin your orgasm instead.

But ultimately, let’s keep this black and white as a first exploration, you are NOT going to cum unless you safeword.

Once you both actually try that, and you both see how ridiculously hot it is, he’ll better understand why it’s a good thing for him to choose in the future.

If he adds to it that he’s ‘taking your orgasm’ and gets you to suck him off or fucks you, that’ll drive you completely bananas in the best way possible.

Also, get him reading this while you suck his cock:


And if you really want to go crazy, read this to him while he’s gently edging you:


You’re so fucked.


denial for couples

Told a guy I’ve been sexting with that I’m into denial and pointed him towards your blog to convince him that it’s even hotter than making me cum, so here’s hoping he helps me on my way to being complete denial slut ;)

Good girl.

Just know you’re completely fucked if he reads this:


Or actually, this…


And whatever you do, don’t introduce him to this:


Oh wait, this probably isn’t helping is it…

Lots of love!


so i just listened to cals curse for the first time because i was having trouble stopping myself recently. hypno doesnt normally work for me but im still really nervous to test it and see if i can cum still. any suggestions on how to test this possible curse out?

Listen to it three more times while edging, then keep it on a loop in your ears as you fall asleep.

Then try coming tomorrow.


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James, I ruined for the first time earlier. I didn’t really mean to, I was just trying to get closer to the absolute edge than usual. I thought I stopped in time, but my body kinda just kept going after I took my hand away. It felt so agonozingly good, I’m getting wet again just thinking about it

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James My bf starts playing with my clit in front of tv and then after he gets me wet he fucks my asshole. I’m getting frustrated because I can’t have an orgasm when he’s fucking my asshole and he doesn’t allow me to touch my clit. What can I do to please him enough so he allows ab orgasm?

Well you know anon, normally I’d have sympathy for a plight such as yours, but then, you’ve got to wonder why you’re writing to an orgasm denial blog, about getting denied orgasms. 

It sounds a little bit like boasting to me…

But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, and actually I have a link that’ll help the situation enormously. I’m sure it’ll give you just what you really crave.

But there’s one thing I need you to promise, you need to send it to him, without reading it. it’s just for him to read, or it’ll spoilt it, okay?


Good girl. Good luck!


I’m Blanca, 20 years old, and I tried my first ruined orgasm when i read your tumblr for first time. I conceived it would be a strange kind of pleasure, but it wasn’t pleasure at all! It was just… nothing. But i can’t stop ruining my orgasms since then, i can’t get myself a real cum, i’m desperate, and then i thought “If James took my to this, maybe James could get me out of this.” So… can i please please please cum?

Oh Blanca, sweetheart, what do you mean?

You are cumming.

When I cum it’s a ruin,
When I ruin it’s a cum

Just say that over and over again as you edge, it’s your reality now. 

No release from your arousal, just that desperate, aching, nothingness.

It wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t what you really wanted.

It’s better this way.

I’m so angry I saw someone post about Cal’s Curse and thought it was completely bullshit and my friend dared me to listen to it. I did, woke up feeling no different. I’m someone who gets off a lot and cums a minimum of 3 times a day and I’ve never been able to deny myself but fucking Cal over here has made it impossible. I’m not even going to bother asking permission. I already know the answer.

The anger will fade. Soon you’ll be so horny you won’t have room for it.

No one’s going to give you permission to cum.

You’re better this way.

Now stop fighting it and edge listening to the curse again.

There’s no going back.