Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Dear James and his multitude of denial sluts, I have sinned and edged. It has been 62 days since my last orgasm and I feel as if I can bare this weight no longer. I feel guilt weighing down on me upon return to this class. I go to University, I had worn a new underwear concealing (quiet) vibrator to class, I was edging until I was slightly shaking. I stood up to leave and noticed I had left a slight bigger than small wet patch on the chair, instead of cleaning it I ran in embarrassment. -Ayetta

Oh Ayetta, first among confessors and such a beautiful one at that.  While we adore […]

Blog Post

Hi James, after being interrupted by the door with toothpaste on my clit I decided to explore it more and thought you’d like to hear! I was on an overnight coach and put toothpaste on my clit in the bathroom before going back to my seat, I had to try so hard to be quiet and I wasn’t able to touch myself at all, it made me so wet! I sat trying to edge by squeezing my thighs together and I got so close but wasn’t able to get myself to cum!

Oh Pastey (new nickname) I’m loving your reports, it seems fate has you marked out […]

Blog Post

James, a couple of weeks ago you reblogged a girl masturbating in a dressing room and challenged to take anything, even a hairbrush to a clothing store, try on sexy clothes and masturbate in the dressing room. I couldn’t get it out of my head and today I did it and I have never been more turned on by the excitement of it all but no orgasming here! So proud! Thanks for the challenge. -bobbi

Hi Bobbi! (I do love it when you lot sign stuff, even if it’s just […]