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Confessions from the (table) edge…

Dear James and his horny collection of wet, desperate, deprived sluts.

It’s been five days since my last orgasm. My Sir likes to make me come once a week. And then he likes to tease me.

I’m writing this from bed, with a glass dildo in me, which I just used to edge. Now all I’m allowed to do is hump a little (my hips aren’t allowed to be not touching the bed) and squeeze myself around it. For an hour. Before I’m allowed to move. From the wet patch I made all over my sheets. So this is a good time for my confession:

Yesterday at work, I was working on a super important document, editing away, and all of a sudden, out of the blue, I was struck with the most graphic, visceral memory.

In the middle of the room, it was like I could feel his hands on me, touching me, holding my head back by my hair while he pushed his fingers inside me and whispered what he was going to do to me in my ear. In that tone that makes me melt.

It was like I went from 1-10 horniness in second. I was soaked, sitting at my desk. In front of people I manage.

I texted him, and asked if I could touch, and he said that I could only do it if I did it somewhere public.

There’s a cafe in my building. I still can’t believe I did this, but I went, bought a coffee, and desperately hoping no one could see, rubbed myself to the edge while I drank it.

I showed Sir your confession post, and his suggestion was that I can cum any time I want for the next two weeks, but only if I do it at that table. But he says he reckons you can make it worse.

Please don’t!

~ Meg

Meg, Meg, Meg – going to edge yourself to relieve the mental pressure, that, I can understand. But being so desperate that you’d agree to do it at a table in a cafe, well that’s just another order of desperation.

I love it.

Honestly I love your dom’s suggestion. But I think making it optional is a bit too easy. So here’s me making it worse.

You have to cum three times in the next two weeks in public. The first, in the same cafe ideally, is to be ruined.

The second, is to be done at a similar type of location, somewhere you can sit and rub under a table, but you need to be on the phone or texting him while you do it, and he decides at the last minute if it’s another ruin, or you can cum.

The last, if possible, will be with him, in person. Failing that, live with him on the phone, watching you.

See, that’s why he sent you my way. Isn’t that more fun!

Don’t forget to clear up the mess… or that’s a whole other punishment.

Let us know how you get on, Meg!


Dear James and his multitude of denial sluts, I have sinned and edged. It has been 62 days since my last orgasm and I feel as if I can bare this weight no longer. I feel guilt weighing down on me upon return to this class. I go to University, I had worn a new underwear concealing (quiet) vibrator to class, I was edging until I was slightly shaking. I stood up to leave and noticed I had left a slight bigger than small wet patch on the chair, instead of cleaning it I ran in embarrassment. -Ayetta

Oh Ayetta, first among confessors and such a beautiful one at that. 

While we adore wet pussies, and even more love the thought of you, in class, secretly edging, filled with your vibrator, and vibrations; there’s really never an excuse for such bad manners as not cleaning up after yourself. Just imagine if some poor guy sat in it and couldn’t explain why he kept getting a hard on from the pheromones all over his pants…

Your penance is to repeat the endeavour, it could be in class again but I’d suggest somewhere a bit less conspicuous, but still public, A cafe perhaps. Take some antibacterial wipes with you, and choose a seat, and give it a good clean first. You’ll see why.

You’re to sit there, browsing Tumblr secretly, until you’ve got right to the edge, and definitely left another wet patch. This time however, you’re to ‘accidentally’ drop something, which requires you to clamber under the table, and hoping no one’s watching, give the wet patch a quick licking up.

A good wipe with the antibacterial wipe too and you’re done. I hope that’ll teach you that manners cost nothing, except for pussy wrenching embarrassment, in this case.

Go in peace to edge and serve the blog.


James, can I please orgasm, if I do it in public? I haven’t had an orgasm for a week now and its really hard for me to hold back touching myself constantly… I beg you James, please

See I like this, this is more interesting than just ‘Oh James, I’ve been edging for 9 years, can I cum now?’

In public huh. Are we talking in the middle of the shopping mall, or hidden away in a changing room.

Don’t worry, I can guess. So here’s the deal.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who can cum from thigh masturbation or have a remote control vibe or similar, then you can cum, if you’re literally in public. Sat in a cafe, or on a bench somewhere, etc. Yes you can reach subtly under a dress or something, just see my note below on consent and decorum.

If you want the ‘public but private’ option of a changing room or bathroom stall, you can have a ruined orgasm. But you have to be naked.

Don’t be naked for the first option. That would be bad.

And on a serious note, remember while public tasks can be very exciting, the people around you haven’t consented to be part of your kink so it’s important to be aware and considerate. If you can do it secretly, that’s brilliant, have fun with it. But what you do shouldn’t be making anyone uncomfortable, besides maybe you, if that’s a turn on.

Good girl.

Let us know how you get on.

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Hi James, after being interrupted by the door with toothpaste on my clit I decided to explore it more and thought you’d like to hear! I was on an overnight coach and put toothpaste on my clit in the bathroom before going back to my seat, I had to try so hard to be quiet and I wasn’t able to touch myself at all, it made me so wet! I sat trying to edge by squeezing my thighs together and I got so close but wasn’t able to get myself to cum!

Oh Pastey (new nickname) I’m loving your reports, it seems fate has you marked out as a denial slut whether you want it or not, good girl!

Got something you want to share? Submit your edging reports here

Hi Sir. I’ve never been very good at denial but tonight I got really wet looking at blogs on tumblr with my roommate in the room so I wouldn’t touch. I’m going to go on omegle tomorrow where I like to be told what to do. Can you give me a task please for tomorrow so I can cum? Please sir please I really need to look forward to cumming tomorrow

Okay, firstly let’s do some safety basics. There are lots of really creepy guys on Omegle so just assume everyone there is a psycho and never show your face or give out personal info. Beyond that make sure nothing in the background makes you identifiable too as what you do WILL get recorded, trust me on this.

As for a task… tease 10 different guys into getting their cocks out and jerking off for you and watch them cum as you only edge. You are to tell them you’re a denial slut and that you’re not allowed to cum . Then, once you’ve had 10 you have to get one more guy to cum and EAT his load (get him to cum into a shot glass or similar) and you’ll be allowed to orgasm.

if you don’t manage the last part you may have a ruin if you get three more guys to say you’re allowed to cum. You must ruin your orgasm in front of the third and pretend it was a great orgasm.

Good girl.

James, a couple of weeks ago you reblogged a girl masturbating in a dressing room and challenged to take anything, even a hairbrush to a clothing store, try on sexy clothes and masturbate in the dressing room. I couldn’t get it out of my head and today I did it and I have never been more turned on by the excitement of it all but no orgasming here! So proud! Thanks for the challenge. -bobbi

Hi Bobbi! (I do love it when you lot sign stuff, even if it’s just a made up name)

That’s so fabulous, there’s just something SO naughty about doing this stuff, privately in public. Plus who doesn’t like playing dress up! I’m very proud of you too!

Good girl!

I’ve been edging myself all day.. Now I’ve stuffed myself with my vibrator and I’m driving the hour to my boyfriend’s house.

Lovely. I just hope you don’t have an accident…

Doctor: What’s that buzzing noise?

Nurse: I think we know why she crashed, doctor. She’s waking up, shall we wait to take it out so we can see the look on her face?

Doctor: Oh yes, that’s always fun. Fetch the stirrups, nurse.