Okay, firstly let’s do some safety basics. There are lots of really creepy guys on Omegle so just assume everyone there is a psycho and never show your face or give out personal info. Beyond that make sure nothing in the background makes you identifiable too as what you do WILL get recorded, trust me on this.

As for a task… tease 10 different guys into getting their cocks out and jerking off for you and watch them cum as you only edge. You are to tell them you’re a denial slut and that you’re not allowed to cum . Then, once you’ve had 10 you have to get one more guy to cum and EAT his load (get him to cum into a shot glass or similar) and you’ll be allowed to orgasm.

if you don’t manage the last part you may have a ruin if you get three more guys to say you’re allowed to cum. You must ruin your orgasm in front of the third and pretend it was a great orgasm.

Good girl.

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