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Hi James! I’m giving longer-term denial a try for the first time. I’ve discovered it’s frustrating in the best way possible. On the 45 minute drive home from work today (I was the passenger) I realized I was subconsciously shifting in the seat to get more stimulation from vibration from the road. I was originally planning to cum at the 2 week mark on Friday, but then I realized my birthday is the following Wednesday, and cumming seems like a great present… Anyway, I can’t wait for JuNo now!

And this is why Effy takes the bus…

I’m working on JuNO plans already, so keep watching this space!

Happy Birthday anon! Remember a ruin is always an option…

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Today for the first time I managed to edge in a public place. I was on the bus and I became so horny i had to do something so i crossed my legs and humped very slowly so people would notice and I actually managed to edge! Thank you James for all your amazing advices!! -A

I’m pretty sure you mean they ‘wouldn’t’ notice. Although…

Either way, Effy would be proud.

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Hi! Hope your day is going well. I have 2 questions which idk if u can answer but I figured it was worth a shot. So first question is after I edge I usually get like this weird feeling afterwards sort of like I’m high or drunk, it’s like I can’t rly move, is this normal?? Second question is sometimes when I’m edging tears start to roll down my face but it’s not like I’m crying it’s just like random tears, any idea what that’s about? Thanks, love your blog!!

Hello anon, thanks for the love. 

The feeling high is quite normal, it’s all the feel good hormones surging around your system which would expect to be flushed through with an orgasm. It tends to build up over time so after a few days many start to feel the ‘denial high’ most of the day (just to a lesser degree).

The not being able move I guess is just a more extreme reaction to that. I suspect you’ll find you get more used to it with time, and it would be interesting to test if cumming then fixes that and you don’t feel it once you cum. Of course many get that feeling after they cum too (especially guys – anyone who’s had a male partner has seen that, a lot!).

As for your second point, thank you so much for sharing that. Crying is actually pretty common in my experience, especially when you begin to explore edging. The intensity of it brings your emotions very close to the surface, and crying is one of the ways that’s expressed. It’s not, necessarily, because you’re sad. It’s more just your raw emotions being exposed and it’s cathartic to let them out.

Trust your body, it knows what it’s doing. Don’t be afraid of crying, it’s actually really hot (I love licking hot tears off someone’s cheek, just so you know). Embrace it as erotic, and maybe even try putting on non-waterproof mascara one time and sobbing your heart out while you edge, watching it smear down your cheeks.

Oh Effy, what have you been up to?

The bus

The bus was really empty today and I was sitting in the back and no one was ner me, and I was turned on, immensely bc the bus was nonstop vibrating and I was sitting just right. I’ve not gotten permission from Mommy to touch yet, so I haven’t but im going crazy.

Thank God for shakey old bus engines. You really can get a buzz off it if you sit the right way. (If you can, try sitting a bit sideways and really pushing your mound into the edge of the chair – just don’t cum). And remember it’s rude to leave wet spots.

You won’t have such a fun time when they all switch to electric…

Going crazy is good, have fun, and thanks for the  confession.

Effy likes bus journeys too.

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I have a bit of a confession, I did my daily edging requirements on the bus today and it was about 3/4 ways full. I covered myself with my coat and pretended to sleep only underneath the facade my fingers were slipping in and out of my dripping cunt and teasing my clit to that edge. and well let’s just say it was the best edge in a long time and it took so much control to stop. Afterwards I suckled off my pussy juice covered fingers.

How scrumptious. Thank you, a wonderful confession! 

Do you imagine some guy or girl you fancy sitting next to you, and secretly slipping their hand under your coat too? I bet you will now. Just picture their eyes growing wide as they feel how wet you are. And because I’m feeling nice today, should that ever happen then yes, you can come all over their hand, just, not yours.

Your reward is to buy yourself some ‘Jiggle balls’ (they’re on sale from just £3 here which is possibly the cheapest toy I’ve seen in a while):


because, riding the bus with those in is quite an experience!