Hello anon, thanks for the love. 

The feeling high is quite normal, it’s all the feel good hormones surging around your system which would expect to be flushed through with an orgasm. It tends to build up over time so after a few days many start to feel the ‘denial high’ most of the day (just to a lesser degree).

The not being able move I guess is just a more extreme reaction to that. I suspect you’ll find you get more used to it with time, and it would be interesting to test if cumming then fixes that and you don’t feel it once you cum. Of course many get that feeling after they cum too (especially guys – anyone who’s had a male partner has seen that, a lot!).

As for your second point, thank you so much for sharing that. Crying is actually pretty common in my experience, especially when you begin to explore edging. The intensity of it brings your emotions very close to the surface, and crying is one of the ways that’s expressed. It’s not, necessarily, because you’re sad. It’s more just your raw emotions being exposed and it’s cathartic to let them out.

Trust your body, it knows what it’s doing. Don’t be afraid of crying, it’s actually really hot (I love licking hot tears off someone’s cheek, just so you know). Embrace it as erotic, and maybe even try putting on non-waterproof mascara one time and sobbing your heart out while you edge, watching it smear down your cheeks.

Oh Effy, what have you been up to?

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