I’ve just found my new favourite game to pass time on public transport. I’m sat on a coach heading back to my hotel scrolling through your blog and other female denial blogs. I’m so horny right now and have no choice but to sit here being horny as I can’t touch. The extra special part of the game is wondering if the guy a few rows back can see what I’m looking at or if I’m going to leave a wet patch on my shorts or my seat when I stand up. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

That is a good game.Β 

If you realise you’re reading the post you just sent before you get off the coach, then you have to turn around and give the guy a naughty wink, right now.

Or you could just put a coat across your lap and edge right there in secret.

I wonder which you’ll do…

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