Yes, and no.

Here’s the thing with anything public… the other people around have not asked to be involved. While it’s great as a fantasy, being seen by other people is much more complex. It’s often illegal, for one thing, and you’re also putting yourself at risk of some stranger seeing what you’re doing and it potentially turning very nasty indeed.

Also, what really pisses me off are the porn videos of pepole getting naked and/or fucking next to a busy road. What the fuck are these morons doing? You’re not just exposing yourself to hundreds of unwilling people, you’re risking causing death if you distract a driver! Totally irresponsible.

However there is absolutely a thrill associated with the RISK of being caught, but you really have to think through what is smart, and what isn’t.

But, some examples that I think (circumstances permitting) you can try include:

  • Going without underwear
  • Going without a bra so your nipples are very evident
  • Having no panties when wearing a skirt
  • The above, and riding an escalator or glass lift or even going shoe shopping where if the clerk is sneaking a peak up your skirt they might just see you are going commando
  • Getting naked in a changing room or public toilet and edging (very hot to watch yourself – just be aware in some countries they are allowed cameras IN changing rooms!)
  • Walking somewhere very isolated (have a phone and make sure someone knows where you’re walking please) and in a place where you’re pretty sure you won’t be seen, getting naked/semi-naked and edging
  • Depending on the location, standing in or near your window and possibly being seen – again, they are looking into YOUR house so it’s their choice to a degree. But I’d be very cautious with this. You are in YOUR house after all, if someone does see you they now know where you live. But, doing it at night (so kids aren’t around) with your lights off, for example, might be an acceptable risk. The thrill is to do it with your eyes shut for 60 seconds then open them and discover if anyone is watching…But as with all of this, use your brain!

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