Good question, I’m sure others struggle with the same issue. 

So, firstly I’d question if a wand is the right vibe for you right now. It’s the the least discreet option, it’s big and noisy, you simply won’t use it at home.

I’d spend the money on a good quality USB  rechargeable vibe right now. They are quiet, easy to hide and more than powerful enough. 

Check my recommended toys page for ideas.

As far as keeping it discreet you have two options. One is to buy it in person in a store with cash. Great if you have a nice sex toy store nearby, but avoid shitty old school porn stores unless you go in a group. 

Either way it’ll be more expensive in a store than my preferred option, buying online. I can only speak for the site we buy from, Lovehoney, but they are very discreet, plain parcels, only marked with LH Trading, and the same for the bill. To totally hide the transaction you can pay with PayPal, so it’ll never appear on your credit card or bank account!

Problem solved.

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