So, I got very excited this afternoon when I checked my messages, only to find one from one of my very favourite Tumblr bloggers, @fuck-toy-hayley

Reading her blog regularly makes me wish I were a lesbian, and sometimes even a woman. Thank God for Tumblr where I can vicariously fulfil that need. 

She actually asked me if she could join in JuNO… how fucking adorable is… YES YOU CAN!!!! I told her calmly.

If you don’t know her blog, go edge to it now:

Also sign up as a follower, as she posts nudes every 1,000 she gets (I’m not really criticising her for being a Tumblr Follower Whore but that’s just because I’m bitter I don’t have boobs that I can use to pull the same trick). 

But seriously, she is incredibly beautiful and I’m not at all jealous of Vanessa and her magic vagina.

Oh and her stories are perfect edging material!

We’ve chatted about her interest in denial before but she’s just signed up to join with you all and I’m all fanboi about it now. Woot woot.

I had to share. Let’s hope she journals about it too, that’d be fun.

If you haven’t signed up, it’s never too late!

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