So, amazingly this blog is going to hit 20,000 followers pretty soon and the higher that number gets the more nervous I become that Tumblr might get in a mood with me and randomly close the blog, as they apparently do quite often without warning or recourse – and that would make me cry.

So, while it won’t be very active – I do encourage you to follow the new

femorgasmdenial twitter blog –

I may use it for some games and challenges just to encourage you lot to follow, but the main reason is so you can find us in case Tumblr goes Nuclear (which given it’s recent sale by Yahoo is a big unknown).

Now the other thing I’m thinking of setting up is a Snapchat account, because, you know, it’s all the rage. But actually, I think it could be quite fun, I was imagining stuff like using the new Snapchat Group chats to run some denial games, truth and dare sessions and even… Denial Academy Lessons?

What do you think, good idea?

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