Mistress gave me the option to choose if I wear shorts or a skirt. Both have their challenges though. Maybe you guys could help me decide which to choose??

Skirt – I’m not allowed to wear panties and I’ll be wearing a princess plug in my bottom all day while I go on a shopping trip with her during the day and we’re heading to a bar with friends later. She has warned me that if she feels like it I will be ordered to bend over and deliberately expose myself. Last time the shop assistant guy helping my try shoes on got to find out exactly how willing I am to do whatever Miss wants ☺️ hehe. All of which makes it hard when I’m on edging tasks this week and I’m not allowed to cum unless instructed to, no matter where I am.

Shorts – no panties again but I will be required to have a remotely controlled vibrator in both my bottom and my kitten. I’ll be required to have them in place all day hence the shorts will help keep them in nice and firmly. We will be doing the same shopping and bar trip for the day but Miss said she may have me explain my predicament to a stranger or two and hand over the remote to do with what they like in public. This is a nightmare when on edging task and not allowed to cum. Made worse by heels when your legs are taken from under you by what those toys are capable of.

So please, can you help me decide which I should choose? Reblog with your choice and I’ll try post some of the real results later today ☺️??

@female-orgasm-denial maybe your followers can help me decide? Hehe ?

Go with shorts, love. We will see how long it takes before you’re quivering in public with your shorts soaked so thoroughly, it looks like you pissed yourself. You can walk around with a stream of juices, running down your leg until you’re leaving a trail of your pussy juice behind you on the sidewalk.

Hehe!!! ? if that ends up being the choice I’m just glad that Miss didn’t choose for me to wear my white shorts lol!! ?☺️ I’m hoping for skirt. Far easier to hide any embarrassing signs of my over excitement hehe! ???

Well I’ve been asked so nicely for my opinion. While I love the shorts and remote option, the skirt is going to win with me every time. But I’m sure my followers will have their own thoughts…

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