So, usually I use my hitachi magic wand to cum on the regular. With that thing I can cum like a dozen times a day at least, and I often do. Well, I guess I was using it too much because on Saturday I turned it on and it exploded! It shot sparks out the back into the air and made a super loud popping sound and all the lights went out! It scared me so much! Daddy was traveling for work so I was all alone in the dark and my phone was about to die and I couldn’t get the stupid box with the electrical switches in it open because someone painted over it. Luckily Daddy got home the next afternoon and fixed it. But I have been without a vibrator for days now!

That means I haven’t cum since Friday. But I’ve been on tumblr every day getting really turned on. And Daddy has been fucking me a lot, but its really hard for me to cum without the vibrator, so it’s just been turning me on more without any release. 

But it’s made me so slutty. I’m feeling so wanton and dirty and submissive. My mind constantly plays out fantasies of use, abuse, and rape. I just reblogged someone who said “Only men should cum.” And usually I wouldn’t have even reblogged that, but imagining being like this all the time forever – Jesus Christ. Maybe I’m onto something. I know I don’t really want it, but thinking about never being able to cum again makes me feel all melty on the inside. ?

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