And that’s how I signed myself up for 150 edges,” I say shrugging.

You look down at me, shaking your head and laughing. I’m kneeling at your feet, my head resting on your lap. One of my favorite places to be.

“But, I wrote a disclaimer,” I say with excitement, raising my head off your lap to look at you. “My Dominant partners can always choose to let me orgasm! We don’t have to follow any silly games I’m playing with my followers.”

I watch as you begin to twist one of the gold rings on your hand. You’re thinking.

“Hmm. But your Dominant partner can also choose to deny your orgasm,” you muse.

My heart sinks… That wasn’t the plan.

I open my mouth to protest, and you immediately stick a finger between my lips.


Glaring up at you, I close my lips and begin to run my tongue along your finger.

You hook my leash to the pale pink collar around my neck and pull your finger from my mouth.

“You do not speak except ‘Yes, Sir,’ and you stay on your knees, close to the ground where you belong. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” I say quietly looking down at the floor. You’re using the voice. The voice that doesn’t leave room for argument, the voice that makes me feel small, the voice that reminds me of my place.

You slip a blindfold over my eyes and stand. I stay kneeling in darkness, waiting for a signal. I feel the pull on my collar, and I begin to crawl. Tentative, blind, but trusting you completely.

I can feel a wetness start to form between my legs; I hate how much I love being on your leash. Crawling behind you like your beloved little pet, eager for her master’s approval. I think you’ve led me to the other room before you tell me to stop crawling. 

“Kneel, legs spread, chest out, arms behind your back. Mouth open.”

I quickly get into position for you, the cold chain of the leash falling between my tits. I’ve accepted that you’ll be edging me, but I’m excited to learn that I get to suck your cock first. I love tasting you, feeling you in the back of my throat, and su-

FUCK YOU! I shake my head violently, struggling against the dildo gag you’ve shoved into my waiting mouth.

It’s locked into place before I can get a word in.

Your hand is in my hair, yanking my head back as I feel your breath on my ear.

“Behave, or edging will be the only pleasure you’ll ever enjoy again.”

I nod slightly, pulling at your grip and beginning to suck on the dildo secured in my mouth.

“What was that?” you ask, yanking my head back further.

I muffle a sad, pathetic, little, “Yes, Sir,” through the gag.

“Hmmmm. I think I’ve decided that I like you better when you’re quiet.”

I shake my head in protest; I can’t see you, but I know what’s coming next. You start to pump the gag with air. The drool begins to drip down my chin as the dildo grows larger to fill my mouth. I try to tell you to stop, but I’m no longer able to get a sound out. The tears are forming, and I feel powerless.

“Keep your position, slut.”

Silently, I nod, feeling drool slip to my tits.

My body tenses and I grunt loudly into the gag, wincing behind the blindfold. You’ve closed a clamp on my left nipple, and when I try to pull away from the second clamp… I realize you’ve chosen the pair with bells.

“Table,” you command simply after securing my nipples.

I move from my kneeling position to all fours, my legs spread wide and my back flat. The bells clamped to my nipples jingle as a humiliating reminder of your power over me.

“Let’s continue the edging game, little girl. Slap the ground once when you get close to orgasming. If I hear the bells jingle, the vibrator comes off, you get no more playtime tonight, but you continue to fulfill your duty as a fuckhole for my enjoyment.” You forcefully stick a finger in my ass to emphasize the last comment causing me to jerk forward, the bells ever jingling.

I nod silently while sucking the gag in an effort to control my drool.

You turn the hitachi on and press it against my clit. Already sensitive from weeks of edging, I whine into my gag and jolt forward immediately causing the bells to jingle. Fuck fuck fuck.

The vibrator is immediately turned off. You pump my gag, and I choke back a sob.

“Too much noise. Whining. Crying. The chiming of the bells. It’s not ladylike to draw so much attention to yourself. This is your warning. I know your body is desperate for relief, but please don’t disappoint me. Hold your position.”

The vibrator comes to life again, and I brace for the wave of pleasure. You press it against that perfect little spot on my clit, and my body tenses.

But I don’t wiggle, I don’t jingle, and I don’t make a sound.

The drool is dropping from my chin and pooling on the floor as my body begins to shake slightly from the need. I close my eyes tightly behind the blindfold, embarrassed by how quickly I’m reaching the edge.

And then, I slap the floor.

The vibrator comes off of my clit, and I want to scream. But I am silent and my body is still as you laugh at my 45-second edge.

“You have a long evening ahead of you,” you say between chuckles.

And the vibrator is back.

30 seconds.

I slap the ground. And the vibrator is gone again.

You repeat the cycle of 20-40 second edges for 15 minutes. My body is shaking, arms and legs barely able to hold myself up, tears mixing with drool forming a puddle on the floor below me.

You give the gag another pump; now I’m fighting to breathe.

“Down,” you command.

I shake my head, knowing what’s below me.

“Don’t make me repeat myself.”

I slowly lower my arms and let my face come to rest on the wet floor below me. My cheek slides in my own drool and tears, and I begin to cry harder from the humiliation and overwhelming desperation.

“Quiet. You should have thought twice before you made a mess all over the floor.”

The vibrator is on again. Your hand firmly rests on my back, forcing me into the arch you love and pushing my face in my own disgusting puddle.

Edge. Slap. Edge. Slap. Edge. Slap. Edge. Slap.

I had 7 edges left in my edging challenge we we started. I think you edged me 34 times. 

You never let me cum. 

Thank you for always knowing what I need even when I’m too stupid to realize it myself.

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