I’m going to miss posting stuff like that…

Who doesn’t love a little bit of Christmas Stuffing?!
So today’s task involves your panties. Knickers, briefs, thong. Whatever you call it or wear.
Pick one of your favourite pairs (in fact, wear your sexiest lingerie today, just under what you usually wear, our secret).
The panties though, need to be pulled up hard between your legs, and left like that. Right into your clit and all the way up to your ass. That feeling you’d normally take as a trigger to reach in and pull out the wedgie, well today we’re doing it on purpose!
The idea is to keep you thinking about your pussy all day long. But that’s only the start. If for some reason it gets a bit boring, try the reverse, pull your panties DOWN around your thighs (held in by your pants). You will be surprised how affecting this is. You feel naked, you want to pull them up, but you can’t, because you’re a good girl, and you’ve been told to.
Finally, in the evening, take the panties off, and as part of your edge (or earlier in the day if you know you like this), slowly push them into your pussy. Take your time, and just see if you like the stretching feeling. It will obviously depend on what type of panties they are, thongs will be easier than boyshorts! Just push in what you can. Some find they love this, others don’t, and that’s okay.
Edge with them in as much as you can, and then when you’re right on the edge, pull them out.
If you’re a really twisted little monkey you can edge again, with the damp panties in your mouth like a gag. Yummy.

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