Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Thanks for the list, James! Good to know I can put my own spin on things too! I admit, I was chafing at the thought of following instructions, but I didn’t want to spoil my girls’ fun either. As for their bet, it’s rather standard: whoever lasts longest gets to plan where we go this fall. My lovely wants to visit Greece but my darling wants Spain. They certainly made the decision-making process more convoluted than necessary, but at least it’s entertaining. Thanks again for the reply! Em~

Thanks for the follow up, Em (seriously it’s always so appreciated). If you’re denying someone […]

Blog Post

It’s em, I’m back again. My dom saw that I had asked your permission to cum -my own fault for putting my name I suppose-and he has completely flipped the coin. I am now to edge 24 times a day, once an hour, and for every 50 edges I do I get to ruin. I have to watch videos of girls cumming to remind me of what I cant do and I have to scroll down your blog to remind me why I am in this situation. He said he thanks you and you can pick a suitable challenge to quench my disobedience in the future.

Well hello em! (This is her last message) Well I like the sound of that […]