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She’d gained the collar at the cost of her orgasms. She had no idea yet how high a price that would prove to be.

Thank you!

Hello, I’ve recently started following your blog and I happened across the article you wrote quite awhile back. The  “Why you should be denying your girl an orgasm” article. Well I finally got the courage about two weeks ago and showed it to my husband.

It was one of the best things I’ve ever chosen to do. He read over the article and we talked about it for about thirty minutes or so as I wanted his feedback on the topic of orgasm denial in general- Well needless to say he was quite on board with the idea and it has led to quite a lot of new things for the two of us. The article was amazing and you are amazing for writing it!

So, thanks for your article because without it I don’t think I would have had the courage  to be open with my husband about the things that turn me on 🙂 I’ve since created a Tumblr to document any experiences we have or anything that catches my eye that I end up showing to him later. It really has spiced things up for us and made me happier overall.

Hi, Sir. I listened to Cals Curse and I honestly didn’t think it would work. But it did and it’s been over a week, Sir. I’ve tried so many times to cum and I cant. Please can I have permission? please?

Yes, you have permission to listen to it (you didn’t really need to ask but that’s very polite if you, good girl).

Enjoy not cumming! (And work on being more specific with your wording in future, heh heh)

i’m in love with the denial academy!! i’m so wet reading all the posts and imagining being a student there, i can’t wait to read more about it and edge myself

I’m sorry, edging quota has been met in academy posts today. You are only allowed to rub your horny little pussy against a pillow while you read. 

Good girl.

Good evening Sir. I edged and denied myself for about an hour and a half today and I ended up making myself squirt for the first time! I was so excited about it bc I’ve been trying for months and I’ve been following your blog for a while which has taught me A LOT so I thought you might be proud.. thank you for being so amazing lol (~^_^~) xo dani

Hi Dani! That’s so great, well done. I’m very proud. That’s exactly what this blog is for, giving you the advice and inspiration to discover just what your amazing body is capable of. Good girl!

I wore a vibrator out tonight for the first time. It’s set on low and pressing against my clit, keeping me on edge all evening and I won’t be home for another 2 hours. I wanted to tell someone but don’t have any friends who would understand so I thought to turn to you.

You have tens of thousands of friends here my dear, and now they all know! Good job.

Try it on high next time…It’ll either ruin or post orgasm torture you, both of which are very amusing to try to hide in public.

Good girl.

This is the half of the stuff my Dom and I have. I love the gags and being blindfolded, so I keep them with me~ hope you have a day, James!

Hi! I’d just like to thank you for your blog and the experiences it gave me. I gave a few to tries to denial in these last weeks and even though I can say it was fun and interesting I don’t think it’s for me. At least not now, maybe when I have a partner to dom me or be a sub to me I’ll give it another go, but for right now I’m satysfied by what I did. Your blog is really well done too! I’d like to add. And just to sum up Thanks

Thank you! And sorry for the slow replies​ to all the lovely messages recently. I’ve been busy with work while I get ready to go away on a short holiday.

So yes, absolutely give it another go, but also know it’s totally okay for this, or ANY kink not to be for you. What is great is that you gave it a go! It’s also totally hot just to get off on reading about denial and not actually do it yourself. In fact i know a lot of readers get very aroused cumming to this blog because the thought of all those denial sluts NOT cumming turns them on even more.

What’s even better is that girls who do deny their orgasms tend to get turned on by the thought of you cumming when they don’t or can’t!

Talk about win win…


They danced, they flirted, they served. Their need was impossible to hide in their required state of undress – stiff nipples on display, wetness seeping from swollen pussies shining on naked thighs.

The men knew they were all after their vote and nothing more, of course.

They still had so much fun with it.

Only one girl would win the competition and the title, the prestige, and the permission to cum attached to it.

Who would it be?

Beautiful caption from @hornydeniedgirl If you’re not following her you should be!