Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Hi James! Me & my bovfriend just started my denial training for me. I love it and it’s going well. But I would REALLY like to be able to go to sleep without an orgasm (not even a ruin) after I’ve edged. But I’m problematic at falling asleep. The other night I tried it and ended up falling asleep far too late and waking up every two hours, desperate. Could you give us some advice? Thanks for your fantastic blog!

Hi Sleepless! Well firstly, you’ll get used to it. Probably. Give it a few more […]

Blog Post

It’s em, I’m back again. My dom saw that I had asked your permission to cum -my own fault for putting my name I suppose-and he has completely flipped the coin. I am now to edge 24 times a day, once an hour, and for every 50 edges I do I get to ruin. I have to watch videos of girls cumming to remind me of what I cant do and I have to scroll down your blog to remind me why I am in this situation. He said he thanks you and you can pick a suitable challenge to quench my disobedience in the future.

Well hello em! (This is her last message) Well I like the sound of that […]