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It’s almost been a month since I’ve made myself come and I’m super happy with myself I’m trying to figure out a way to treat myself to something special for holding back so long! Any suggestions?

Congratulations, that’s really impressive! Good girl!

This is what you’re to do.

Buy a suction cup dildo if you don’t have one already and on the month anniversary ruin your orgasm while fucking it. Make sure to slide right off it as you go over the edge so your well denied little cunt just clenches brutally on nothing.

You may then use the dildo only once a day for the next month, you may have one ruin a week over that next month, and if you’ve managed to do it without cumming for another month, gosh I might even let you cum.

I have been edging now for three weeks (all thanks to your blog!!) I finally created an account just so I could tell you what a wonderful job you are doing! I am so thankful you are here! Ps: I’ve been edging for 4 days straight with only one ruined orgasm. Please can you reward me? ;)

I really appreciate the feedback! Thank you so much! You definitely deserve a reward.

So have one day’s strict no touching, then a day’s edging, then another day edging with a ruin. Then you flip a coin after a weekend of more edging. Heads you can cum, tails, it’s another week’s denial.

You are more than welcome. Feel free to message me if you want it made even worse.