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I’m the anon who ruined for the first time… I suck at holding off so now any time I push too far I make myself ruin. It’s an interesting journey… so squirmy all the time now 🦋

Squirmy huh, ruined anon, we like squirmy here. I recommend it wearing a tight pair of jeans and no panties – that seam pressed into you will make every squirm ten times better*

*Not recommended in white or pale blue jeans

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Having tried panty stuffing before and knowing it’s not something I can do (I was dry for days :) sir decided to switch things up a bit. I did the first part of the challenge for work but after coming home, he made me shave my pussy (which I hate) and then made me go to French class wearing a skirt but no underwear. He also made me edge right before leaving the house. Never has it been more difficult to focus on what my teacher was saying.

Amazing, sterling work, both of you. I love that you guys are adapting the ideas to suit, just how it should be.

You complain a lot for someone who’s getting so wet from things she hates, just sayin’

Hey James. Just a small confession. I didn’t wear any underwear today. It was under jeans not a skirt but it was my first time doing something like that but I was turned on all day – Kat

This is so great, well done Kat,

It’s so important to remember it’s so often the simplest things that can thrill us and turn us on! it doesn’t have to be the big kinky bondage stuff so many images are of. I’m very proud of you!

Other great little kinky things to try include going without a bra, going without both, pulling your panties UP into your slit, or down around your thighs (under trousers, crotch ropes and even just shaving your pubic hair if you haven’t tried it.

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I’m not wearing any panties to school today, and it is all because of you! I also woke up and edged, I haven’t done that before, so I can’t wait to become a fulfleged at being a denial slut!

It sounds like you’re making an excellent start, good girl!

I commissioned this artist rendition of how I’m sure it was:

Hey! I love reading about denial and edging and it’s got me very interested and horny! I’ve been a naughty girl and orgamed when I wasn’t suppose to. Now I have 30 hours until I return home to my fiancé and was wondering how many times I should edge myself before then and if you have a punishment in mind? (Please don’t go easy on me)…Amy

Hi Amy (I really love it when you use a name, my little sluts, then we can get some continuity!)

Naughty girl, well done asking for a punishment (and all the detail helps SO much).

30 edges, they can’t be less than 10 minutes apart.

And you’re not allowed any underwear or to clean up till the task is finished.

I’m going out without panties today and I am already so worried I’m going to soak through my leggings. I just put them on and I was so drippy there is already a wet spot 🙈

Good girl.

Here’s a very important rule – you are not allowed to make any effort to hide or minimise the wetspot. It’s the mark that you’re a good denial slut and you should be proud of it.

It’s very unlikely anyone will actually notice, but even if they do they won’t say anything, so you won’t know.

I read from your blog you’re trying some no touch? If that’s the case then make sure you grind your pussy against objects to just get that much wetter and hornier. Oh and it might make a bigger wetspot too…

Well done, let us know how you get on.

Oh the golden days of advertising are so far behind us…

Anyway, you don’t need vodka to go without underwear (although I’m not saying it doesn’t help). Edging should be quite enough motivation.

If you’ve never tried going ‘commando’ then try it today. You’ll be surprised how liberating and sexy it can be.