‘You’re wearing the panties I bought you?’ he messaged.

‘Yes, Sir.’ She still wasn’t used to calling him that but it gave her a thrill every time.

‘And shoes?’

‘The highest I have, as you said.’

‘Good girl. Now staying in your seat, take off the knickers.’

‘What, here? But my colleagues?’

‘Take as long as you want, but the longer it takes the less reward you’ll get.’

After a couple of minutes pause, ‘It’s done, Sir. I’m trembling.’

‘Oh good girl. Now, this is the hard bit.’

‘That wasn’t the hard bit?’ she replied.

‘No. Fold them up neatly, and place them in clear sight on your desk. Every minute they stay there untouched is a second you can rub yourself in the restrooms at lunchtime.’

‘Oh my god.’

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