That’s not unfortunate if you don’t let it be.

You’re a very rare and wonderful breed we like to refer to as Brand New in Box.

A friend of mine writes beautifully about the situation in a blog I started with her: http://brand-new-in-box.tumblr.com/

She loved my writing too, and came to me for help. She wanted to know what an orgasm feels like.

She doesn’t anymore. 

Although even if she did, it doesn’t matter.

She can’t.

Thank you so much for your beautiful words. Do feel free to message me, I’d love to help.

Oh sweetie… Don’t fall for that. He said the same thing to me, ‘I’ll be happy to help’

I’m still waiting…


(It’s true, she is still waiting. We did agree if I make her cum, just the once, she’d ruin it though. That’s progress, right? Oh, but no, I haven’t ruined her either, yet…)

Is there a particular reason you’re being this mean, James?

I do like that ‘yet’, gives me hope(?)

True Story or real hot fantasy?

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