Oh, a natural! I love that.

I taught a girl to cum just this week, had her first orgasm, three in fact. From her clit, from the bottle I had her fuck, and then lastly, squirting all over her bed as she came hard from both.

That was the last orgasm she’ll have this year. Maybe longer. She’s denied now, desperate, humping the air as I type this no doubt. 

I’m sure we could do the same for you, but… why would we do that? You’re perfect just the way you are. Horny, wet, desperate to be able to cum, and just unable to get that relief however hard you try.

You’re special honey, I hope you know that.

In fact a friend and I started a blog for special girls like you:


It starts with a story I wrote, you should read it, and know just how fucked you are.

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