If you know where to look’ and that sums up my problem with literotica – it’s the worst site design I’ve seen in 15 years. And why’s that, because it’s design hasn’t changed in 15 years. 

It’s tragic really, I’m sure there’s some amazing erotica in there, but it’s buried under 5,000ft of crap. This is not helped by it having the weirdest selection of categories; is my erotica of choice going to be in erotic couplings (wait isn’t that just sex…) or is it in novellas or I like girl on girl so it could be lesbian sex but it might be in anal too if there’s a butt plug involved, WTF?! 

Oh and there’s no sub categories, that’s it. And nothing can have more than one category, are you shitting me? 

Surely there’s a search function, oh yes it’s  buried in a footer so that only Sherlock Holmes ever uses it.

Oh great, at least members have rated the stories, that’s useful, let me just sort them by best rated… I CAN’T DO THAT?!!!

There are 29,573 stories in the BDSM category ALONE and the only option to view them is ALPHABETICALLY?!


Yes, I know the new (hidden) advanced search function can fix some of these things but it doesn’t make up for the fact the main pages of the site are hideous and borderline unusable.

But okay, I find a story I like, by some miracle…Oh look they publish each chapter separately, fine, let’s read Chapter 1, that was quite good, I’ll click next to go to… WHERE THE FUCK IS CHAPTER 2?

I HAVE TO GO FIND IT?! This is utter bullshit, is this site just a trollfest?

Peter couldn’t have put it more perfectly:

As I said, the worst thing about all this is that somehow this awfully designed site has become the repository for literally hundreds of thousands of erotic stories that people have slaved over, and it does a massive disservice to all of them by being so utterly shit.

But hey, if you find some good orgasm denial stories on there I’d love to hear about them! But I’m not prepared to dive in and shovel through the rest of it to find them.

On a positive note, while basic, BDSMlibrary (wasn’t on my radar, so thanks) seems to do a better job. You can view the top rated stories, click a button to go to the next chapter (radical shit!) and it’s certainly ‘good enough’. But there’s a lot less on there (10k in total) and it’s still way too difficult to get to categories you want or to rank them by best-rated stories which is what everybody tends to want.

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