You know how sad it makes me, right? You know the brief high isn’t worth the come down. That the temporary rush can’t compare to the build up. I’m always disappointed after. That I didn’t go longer, that I heard “Yes” instead of “No” to my question, which I know sounded like I wanted a positive answer to but I didn’t really! I love how my pussy leaks, how my clit throbs and all I can think of is you, or me, or anyone touching it. Why would I want an end to that? So soft, wet, warm and all for you, why spoil all that effort? Sitting here squirming looking for any sort of friction and finding none. Desperately hoping you’ll softly tease my lips, my clit, let me lick you in thanks for your longed for attention and come across my face.

You won’t let me cum, will you? You know how sad it makes me. I much prefer humping your hand, while you stare at me with lust filled eyes, knowing you’re going to take your hand away soon and leave me gasping. Slap my ass, my pussy, leaving trails of my wetness all over me. Gently tickling my most sensitive parts with clever fingers. Making me beg for an orgasm we both know I don’t want.

You won’t let me cum, will you?

I wonder how many people would think this way if they remembered how good the arousal and desperation felt at the time………

If you’re struggling to communicate the above, beautiful, sentiment, I’ve written this to help you communicate it clearly:

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