‘You think you’re ready? Up on the table then, and spread your legs, let me see’
He slowly undid his jeans and let her watch his hard cock spring out, smiling to himself as he knew what was coming. He deliberately let the head of his cock slide along her inner thigh and come to rest at the entrance to her already swollen pussy. She’s been working it well, perhaps I should just let her have it but then he smiled to himself, no, she doesn’t want it that easy. 

He leaned forwards looking as though he was about to thrust himself inside her, enjoying the look on her eyes of anticipation, and then, he slide his hand down and, pushing his cock out of the way, and slipping his two middle fingers inside her he relished the look of frustration and knew he’d made the right choice.

‘Hmmm, nope, not quite ready. Give me 20 more edges and come back when you’re done. Make them hard ones, princess, I’m getting tired of waiting’

He wiped his fingers off on her thigh and bit his lip to stop the smile as he noticed a tear trickle from the corner of her eye. Zipping his cock away he knew it would be worth the wait. He handed her the vibe back and a set of extra batteries. ‘You’ll be needing these, princess’.

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