It is a bit of a paradox, you’re right. I tend to find there needs to be the seeds of self-discipline and control there for denial to bring it out further. But if you have those, it can be wonderful.

It’s hard to describe unless you try it, but it’s not JUST about being horny. There is a sense of wellbeing and alertness that can come from extended denial (two/three days and more) that creates a positive loop of self discipline and reward.

But that’s not the case for everyone, and as I often say, anything that detracts from your everyday life, study, work, friendships in an unhealthy way is not a good habit, it’s an addiction. Denial can be enjoyed at all different levels, as I wrote about yesterday, so you just need to find what works from you and how it can make a positive contribution to your day, rather than detract from it.

For some, that will simply be occasional forays into it to help with self-discovery and getting turned on. For others, it can become a lifestyle that they love and find huge satisfaction in as an ongoing state of being. And for almost everyone, that level of involvement with it will vary over time. That’s totally normal.

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