I thought I had to have boobs to be allowed to do that? 

Not that it narks me off at all that I can spend ages writing some erotic piece and all a girl has to do is post a badly taken picture of her breasts and it’ll get ten times the reblogs. (To be clear, I entirely blame that on men.) And you know what, if I were a woman and could get guys to buy me toasters for a picture of my butt, I’d be all over that.

But as for a wishlist, it’s very sweet of you to say but I think I’d feel guilty about it. I write this blog because I love teaching and titillating about the topic, and adore the fact tens of thousands of you edge, or even cum (naughty you) to what I write.

I think the legitimate way for me to actually make an income from this which would free me up to do it more is get off my arse and finish writing the books I’ve got half done on the topic, fictional and non-fiction. That feels a a better way to do it to me. 

When I remember I do link to my Lovehoney recommendations using a site that gives me a small commission, so if you want a win-win solution then buy your sex toys via this link (it should take you to the right one for your country, clever huh!

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