You know how much I adore making love to you darling, but the next step on this denial journey requires us both to make sacrifices. Hasn’t it been wonderful, haven’t you loved how being denied has made you feel? Think about what’s it’s unlocked, the new intimacy we have!

You’re so horny now that I think we need to remove the temptation to go over at all. So we’re going to anal only now. Don’t cry baby, I know you can’t cum from that, but that’s the point.

You’ll be allowed to masturbate and play with your breasts, of course. No, not your clit, just here, doesn’t that feel nice?

And if I think you need some topping up then I’ll touch you and kiss you and lick you. But that’s just for me now. You’re not allowed to touch your pussy or clit at all. Is that clear?

Now now, don’t complain. Look how wet you’re getting my love. That’s what your pussy’s for now, to provide the lube for when I take your bottom. It seems to be working well already.

Good girl.

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