, you Dear James,

I’m a sub girl on my late 30’s and new to denial. I found your blog a couple of months ago and I love it. I love it! Since then I have been the baddest girl you can ever imagine. I have masturbated like crazy, “tried” to edge (yeah, right) and always slipped over, actually tried to ruin but still the orgasms have been violent and strong – maybe because I have previously trained myself to cum without touching. I just cannot ruin my orgasms, it doesn’t work and sometimes they are even more satisfying and strong. I have usually started to browse through your blog sinking into my own denial fantasy and when I’m close, I just conveniently flip it to concern some other girl who don’t get to cum but I do. I am such a failure!

Anyways, deep down in my black, zero-self-control-having-babygirl-heart I know if I had a real person in my life to control me and deny my pussy, I could become a real denial slut. I want that. I really do.

I met a person online on a dating service – he is dominant, not into the scene but just feeling that way, and wishes to have a playful, nice and trusting relationship with someone. We have talked a lot for a week now and I told him about my wish and fear to be denied. I linked your blog.

He said we will go to diner and get to know each other. If we like each other and feel good about each other, we will take the next step and start playing. We will learn each other’s desires, each other’s bodies, he will make me cum like crazy, make me scream of pleasure and beg for more.

“And then, little one, when I know exactly how your little body works, you will most certainly be denied.”

Please wish me good luck for Friday when we have our first date, and please tell me that I, like so many others submitting stuff for your blog, am fucked.

I can still cum before Friday, right?

Oh dear, did I forget to reply before the date, did you stay all denied and desperate? I hope so.

Thank you, this is fabulous. I hope it went well. (As ever, the usual caution, just be smart when meeting someone, always have a friend know where you’re going and oh just google safe blind dates – you people aren’t idiots).

The best of luck with it all and please, tell us how you got on!

I’m hoping he’ll never let you cum, you can tell him that’s what you really want, it’s okay.

Either way, you are so fucked.

Good girl

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