…Like my words were literally “surprised and disappointed”… To me that would fall under “a little grace and human contact.” To me that’s polite. I didn’t call you an evil monster or anything, I just said I was surprised. And in response you start insulting and ridiculing me in public. I’m glad I was anon because you have no manners or sense of propriety. What could I say that was milder than “surprised and disappointed”? I should just keep my idiot cunt mouth shut because doms don’t care?

It wasn’t the ‘surprised and disappointed’ bit that got me upset, it was the false accusation that I was ‘SUPPORTING A RAPIST’ while you repeatedly hid behind anonymity. There’s no polite way to say someone support rapists over their victims.

Do you really not see how offensive that is? 

Absolutely out of nowhere you saw a gif of someone who looks remotely like a guy who’s been accused of rape, and you felt you had to write to me, a stranger, telling me how ‘surprised and disappointed’ you are in me. Plus you were wrong about it in the first place! Why would you do that?!

Here’s my main point again, don’t do this shit anonymously, it instantly makes it hostile. It may not feel like it to you, but it does to the person who gets the message out of nowhere. When you choose to accuse someone anonymously you give up the right to be treated with a sense of propriety. You threw a metaphorical brick through my window, it doesn’t matter if the words on it were ‘mild’. I threw it back.

As I said, had you sent me a note in person that I didn’t have to reply to publicly we’d have had a laugh about how it did look a bit like him but wasn’t and got to know each other. You chose not to, twice.

Point 2 is make sure you’re right before you accuse anybody of anything or else you look like even more of a twat. And when you realise you are wrong, the FIRST thing you do is admit it. Which you still haven’t. And you accuse me of having no manners, how ironic.

If my rant at you has helped anyone think twice before throwing accusations at people from behind the safety of anonymity then I’m happy I did it. It’s just not cool. Plus I really just like letting loose sometimes, so you were on the receiving end of that. You’d be surprised how many messages I get saying they love it. I don’t have issues, I’m just someone who can be caring, but also will viciously defend myself or my loved ones if someone gives them shit.

Yesterday that happened to be you.

Come say hello on Tumblr messenger and I’d be happy to kiss and make up.

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