…are you sure you’re on the right blog?

I haven’t posted a gif set of James Deen. Not in the last few hours. Not this year. Not ever as far as I am aware although I can’t be bothered to check past the last few months.

The only possible image that you could be talking about is this:

But no one would be stupid enough to write accusing someone of ‘supporting’ an alleged rapist off a half second glimpse of a guy in a gif who I’m pretty damn certain isn’t James Deen, right? 

Like okay, they both have curly hair, but this guy has tatts, Deen doesn’t. And a 12 second search shows he’s never listed as filming for (who are direct competitors of who he did work for). 

But that’s okay, you’re anonymous, you don’t have to check facts.

Even if it was him, it’d still be really kind of weird and creepy. Are you scavenging blogs to find James Deen lookalikes just so you can anonymously whine at their owners? Seriously, there are much better hobbies. Taxidermy perhaps, that’s less creepy.

I’m surprised and disappointed in you. See you spoiled everything. At least before you had some kind of cool zealot thing going on. Now you just look like a numpty with nothing better to do than write anonymously to blog owners over erroneously identified porn stars. That’s gone from cool to just kind of sad.

Next time be kind enough not to post your social justice warrior idiocy anonymously, so you know, I can insult you to your face. 

Or wow, you know what, you could have even used the tumblr messaging system to send me a little message to say ‘Hey is that James Deen in that gifset?’ And I’d have said, ‘Hey, no, it’s not. But hi, how are you today?’  

And then you’d not have been ridiculed, twice, in front of thousands of people. Oh but you can’t message me anonymously. They’re laughing at you, but at least they don’t know who you are. I guess that’s a positive. Only you know. But that’s enough for me.

The moral of this story kids – don’t be an anonymous dick when you’re jumping to conclusions and accusing people of stuff. Try it with a little grace and human contact and you may actually affect change (for example the changes I made to the ‘letter to your boyfriend’ when some polite comments were made about some of it. I do actually care you know).

I’m going to my happy lemon tree place now. Bye bye.

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