You’re disturbed by what, that I’m not some lonely guy sitting in a basement just jacking myself off in self pity, but that instead I’m actually a normal guy, happily married with kids?

Or you’re disturbed that, OMFG NO, a parent might be able to actually talk to their children about sex and masturbation, and even, when they were older, give them some money to buy a vibrator because I’d rather she did that than use her electric toothbrush? God forbid I was a responsible, open parent.

You know you’re right. I’ll leave it to TV and social media because that’s the responsible thing to do. I won’t talk to them about sex, I’ll leave it a mystery and cross my fucking fingers that my kids won’t end up with STIs or being blackmailed because they cammed to some cunt or needing abortions, because ‘someone’ will do that job for me.

Or maybe I’ll leave it to schools, because they have such a good track record of teaching children what they actually need to know to do well in life. You know things like how to have a budget, or cook food, or have a healthy relationship. Oh no, I forgot, they don’t do any of that shit. Schools don’t even teach kids how to change a fucking fuse, hell no I’m not trusting them with my kid’s sex education!

Oh and god forbid they learn that sex could be fun and see it modelled in parents who love each other. Porn, that’s what I’ll let them learn from. I’m sure that’ll turn out great.

What you need to be disturbed about is the fact that girls are growing up hating themselves and their bodies. That they think sex is just a commodity to help you be popular. That they are taught that virginity is just a matter of what hole you let some guy shove their cocks in so anal sex is okay because it leaves them a virgin. That guys are growing up with porn stars as their only teachers of how to please a woman convinced that girls want a 10 inch dick and to have cum emptied, every fucking time, on their faces.

Is that enough context for you?

/rant ends

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