I think it’s probably mildly on the subby side of things, as a guy it does involve you at least just ‘taking what you want’ and often (if done well) having your cock locked in a cage…but who gives a fuck. Let’s stop with the boxes kinky people, we’re worse than the Vanillas now. 

I just spent my weekend watching a divorced, self-acclaimed bi-racial, american gal marrying the prince of fucking England. (yes, I got teary). Boxes are definitely on the way out.

Denial is all kinds of awesome, and frankly as a dom if you aren’t able to relax a bit and explore switchy scenarios then doing so would probably make you a better dom because you get a whole new insight into what it’s like on the other side.

I personally love being tied up, and love being denied sometimes too. I don’t submit in a classic do what I’m told sense. but the loss of power is a great mindfuck. In the same way,  I kind of get bored on self-imposed denial, but lock my cock up in a cage and watch me get crazy horny, yes please!

I don’t really give a crap about what anyone thinks of that but my wife. It sounds like your friends, are a bit too old school for their own good and would benefit from a bit of liberation. Isn’t that ironic.

You go for it. Whatever works for you is the best.


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