It seems we are about to hit another milestone – 70,000 followers – amazing. I love you all!!!

I know a lot (A LOT) of you also read the blog every day but don’t follow, because you don’t want anyone knowing – I love you guys too – there’s a special little challenge at the end of this post just for you.

One interesting metric that no one talks about much is followers/posts ratio – which on here is pretty much exactly 10 followers for every post I’ve made. There’s a number of blogs that simply pump out reblog after reblog, hundreds every day, and so get lots of followers, but I reckon that ratio has got to be pretty good compared to most.

Oh yeah, and check out that drafts number – that’s all the goodness I’d have for you if I actually had more time to dedicate to this! One day…

When I set this blog up just a few years ago it was only for a bit of fun, I’m so grateful for all your ongoing encouragement and support!

Let’s Celebrate!

For now though, let’s celebrate the 70,000 mark with a couple of things:

The classic of course is a picture submission – feeling brave, want to indulge your exhibitionist kink? Write on some paper (or get creative!)
I love
or something similar and take a photo with it. 

You can be dressed, naked, or anywhere in between. You could be at home, but it might be fun to try it somewhere else, if you like a bit of a thrill…

You could even secretly write it on your body – your tummy, or your mound, your butt (get a friend to help? 😛  ), your forehead (kidding?), anywhere. As much as we do encourage wet pussies here, I don’t tend to reblog gynaecological close ups though so cute rather than explicit is the goal please lovely people.

There’s just one stipulation, you have to have JUST edged when you take it and send it. Not after cumming, not after ruining. Everyone who sees it needs to know you’ve just had your fingers between your legs and you’re aching to cum as you take it. Good girl.

It might be you reward yourself with an orgasm just for sending it in. Then again, it might be you make yourself wait, and just edge, until I post it. Or you might not cum at all. Maybe tell me in the submission which yours will be. Or… ask, and I’ll decide.

(Also just let me know in the message if you want it to be anonymous and I’ll copy and paste it into a new post.)

Alternatively just write in with and share your edging story

Secondly, if that’s not for you, which is totally okay, then I’d LOVE for you to tell us how edging, denial, and this blog has made your life better. We love words just as much as pictures here at

So you can submit that as above (again, just ask if you want it anonymous as that lets you write more) or do just send it as an anonymous ask:

A challenge for my non-following followers

Finally, a little challenge for those good girls who haven’t dared to actually follow yet. I dare you, get brave, click follow at last, get my posts right in your dashboard, and if you are the actual 70,000th follower, you’ll get a secret surprise message and task in your inbox straight from me!

Thanks again everyone. I hope to have lots of exciting new things to keep the blog fresh, interesting and always arousing. 

Keep on edging!

With love,


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