With the comment about balm I wanted to share one of my favourites. You need a small jar (like an empty spice jar) and fill it with lube up to three quarters full. Put in a couple of drops of tobasco sauce- literally only a couple!- the stuff which is just chillis and vinegar. Shake it up and test it- two drops is pretty mild. Then add more as you need to. I have about twenty drops in a tiny jar of lube and I love it, and you choose how strong to make it! (I might add more now actually…)

Oh that really is a homebrew! 

Some will find chilli more likely to react to I think so before you make a whole pot full try a premix, but if that all goes well this is a nice idea. I prefer menthol to chilli myself, but the point where they both reach is capsaicin cream which is the essence of what makes chillis hot, but also has the cooling sensation of menthol, before it sets your body on fire. 

Now rub it on your clit, Rach

It’s crazy strong, and will fuck you up. Use well diluted, or regret it.

Have fun!


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