Dear James,

I have been inadvertently been edging and ruining my orgasms for a while without realizing it. It was so frustrating last night because I wanted to cum so badly but it was ruined and I wasn’t aware. I was so horny still but I couldn’t get myself to orgasm again. I googled to see what was wrong with me and I found your blog.

Oh James, I was touching myself while scrolling through your posts, moaning in ecstasy and it is the best session I’ve had in a while. Then I found your wheel. I always touch myself lying down when your wheel told me to get “onto all fours, spin.” I’ve never done that before, reluctantly I did. I found it to be very arousing, and my pussy ached. I spun again. Your wheel told me “no touch.” I was shocked, I contemplated spinning again. Screw your wheel, I wanted an evening and I wanted to touch myself, edge and maybe cum. I looked for loopholes, maybe I could hump a pillow or something. I even wanted to ask you what no touch meant. But waiting for a response would take too long. So I searched and learned that no touch meant no touch. [moans] But luckily, I could spin again in an hour. I still have 17 minutes left until I can spin again. For the past 20 minutes, I tried to get some work done, but while listening to lecture I found myself humping air and sucking on my fingers. My thoughts have never been so desperate and dirty. That’s why I had to write to you, all while grasping nothing, wishing and horny.

With love,


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