1. Public entertainment

2. Remind her how good it feels

3. She’s proud of how long it’s been and you want to take that down a peg

4. You want her clit to be extra sensitive for what you’re going to do to it next

See, I’m not a hardliner. There are many reasons to give girls orgasms.

I forgot one!

5. Demonstrate how much the kinks she’s ashamed of really turn her on

Yes, baby, you can cum while watching that video. I’ll be over here laughing at you.

Now, on another topic… I’ve noticed that this post got pretty popular all of a sudden. And I know for a fact that some of you girls reblogging it excitedly are under strict orders to keep your grubby little paws out of your filthy little cunnies. You’re not reblogging this post for selfish reasons, are you?

These are good reasons.

I concur!

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