Tell me why we edge you, my little slut.


Yes, why. Is it because it feels good?

“N-no. No, Sir. Nnngh… of course not.”

Good girl. So why then? Why do you think?

“To keep me desperate and needy, Sir.”

Harder. Closer. Why does that matter?

“Um… because… nghh… because you like it?”

Haha. Yes, that’s true. But why do you think I like it? Why do I want this for you?


Oh you poor thing. You’re really close, huh?

“Mmhm. Yes, Sir.”

I know it’s hard to think when your so close and you get all fuzzy. Do you want me to explain it?

“Yes, please, Sir.”

Okay. When I tell you to give up your orgasm, like I will in just a minute…

“Oh, no, please, Sir…”

Shhh. Like I will in just a minute. When you let it fade away… What difference does it make if you don’t really want it?

“No, Sir, I do want it. Please, please let me have it. I’ve given you so many.”

Yes you have. And I know you want it really bad.

“I do.”

But you won’t have it. It’s right there, so close, but you will never feel it.

“Oh, Sir, please… it’s so hard.”

I know. And that’s it right there. If I just took your orgasm away, but you didn’t care, what would be the point?

“I guess… ngh, oh God… I guess nothing?”

Very good! Stay right on the edge for me. If you didn’t care about not cumming, it would be meaningless to take your orgasms away. It would be meaningless to say that you were giving them all to me. Does that make sense?

“Mmhm. Yes, Sir.”

That’s why we edge you so much, and make it so hard for you. The harder it is, the more it means when you give them to me. You want to make them so nice for me, don’t you?

“Yes, Sir, I do.”

Hold yourself a breath away from it. Feel it right there. So close. You could tip over the edge in a moment, couldn’t you?

“Yes, Sir. Oh, God, oh god, please, Sir… please let me feel it.”

No. Hands off now. Keep those legs open nice and wide and let it fade away. It’s mine now. Just like all the rest.

“Oh, Sir.”

That’s my good girl. That one was really, really nice. I want all of them to be just like that, okay?

“Oh, God. Okay.”

Good girl. Let’s wait a few minutes for it to really go away and then we’ll make another really good one for me to take away.

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