Some girls ask me why bother with edging. They think its too frustrating and annoying. I mean, cumming feels good, doesn’t it? You girls cum and your head and body is filled with sparkles. That is great, but what happens next?

As the hormones subside in your body, you get a massive crash. Girls can become sullen, upset, feel guilty, feel irritable. A short burst of intense pleasure and the payback is an hour or so of feeling lost.

Edging has lots of advantages:

It allows you to focus your mind on pleasure. While you are edging, you are not worrying about silly things such as what people think of you, how your career is going, etc.

It slowly fills your body with a deliciously needy feeling, you become quieter, more submissive, almost in a catatonic state of delayed bliss. You walk around for ages being horny. What girl wouldn’t want that?

It is a sign of obedience and commitment. By edging, you are showing your man that you will sacrifice your own pleasure for his and shows a real sense of commitment to his guidance.
It is a sign of achievement. You start off and think “Argh, I have to cum NOW, I can’t take this any more” but soon you start to bargain with yourself. You think “I wonder if I can last another hour, last until morning, last until tomorrow bedtime” A couple of hours then becomes a day and then a week. Eventually, you feel like you are on such a long streak, you are determined not to break it.

We love it when you get so horny we catch you humping anything and everything. We love that you are s caught up on your own lust that al sense has left you. Those are magical moments.

Edging is one of the best tools for training, girls. If you don’t already routinely edge, I advise you to start today.

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I doubted edging as well, but fuck it’s made new into a new woman ?

Reprogram yourself to edge.

Do not cum.

You cannot cum.

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