I’m on kik (of course, right?) and i’m shocked by how often both dominants and submissive are either surprised by or, worse, put off by my penchant for denial. It’s a particularly strange thing for me to hear [alleged] submissives exclaim, “Oh, I could never do that. I live for orgasms.”

Maybe I’m old fashioned. Maybe I’m just old. But here are some reasons why, in no particular order:

  • I have impulse control issues. I need to be controlled.
  • My submission is more natural and strong when I’m kept denied.
  • I should not play with things that aren’t mine. 
  • Desperation, neediness and desire is a good look on me.
  • It is humiliating to depend on someone else for such a basic need/want.
  • Chastity belts are often beautiful.
  • It’s my purpose to bring pleasure, not to be pleasured.
  • Bodily mortification is healthy in many respects.
  • When denied, my brain is a little more mushy. I’m simpler.
  • Constant dripping.

There’s a girl after my own heart.
Great blog if you don’t know it. Kinda fucked up in the best way.

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