Experiences vary! Really, there’s no one way of doing it, and you need to find out what works for you. 

Honestly go with whatever feels best. Holding onto that edge the way you are is what I call ‘riding’ an edge, and it’s great, but you can’t always keep it up, for physical or mental reasons, so consistently. 

But it’s also totally okay to ‘bounce’ on the edge as you described. If that keeps you feeling great, and horny and desperate, and lessens the chance of you slipping over by accident then it’s fantastic.

The most important part of edging is to be able to do it without going over into an orgasm or a ruin. So whatever feels best and achieves that is what you want. And mix it up, try one sometimes, and the other when you fancy it.

You can also play with the idea of ‘soft edges’ which I often put Diva onto. That’s when you’re not even allowed to get near to orgasm, but just take yourself to a place where it feels great but you aren’t at any risk of orgasming. She loves it when I restrict to that, taking even the pleasure of a ‘hard edge’ away.

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