Your D type has watched too much stupid porn.  When you are truly, genuinely close, they need to back off, have you breathe and cool down a bit .. and then start in on you again. Fucking amateur.

@instructor144 , here’s my story of “orgasm control …”

The art of orgasm control, yes it is an art, isn’t really captured in Tumblr Porn. In real life it takes learning AND practice on both sides.

Even before we knew the terms orgasm control or D/s, He was learning/teaching. It was patient, sweet, and incredibly intimate.

I was young and had only begun to explore all the wonders of my own body. He started so simply. “I want you to hold off cumming but get as close as you can. I have a plan.” He had me ride him so I could control the movement, depth, speed. He just watched, encouraged, asked questions, gave directions all while telling me how incredible I was.

And when I’d get close, He had me just stop and place my palms against his. Then, He just talked to me. He’d ask me about a motion I liked, an expression on my face, or a gasp. He’d regale me with how sexy and erotic I was. He was learning my body and me. He was guiding me to learn, to experience my own pleasure.

And with a little consistent practice, we got to the place where he said “This time, when I tell you to cum, I want you to keep your eyes open. I want you to look at me. I want to watch every second. I want to follow you wherever it is you go when you cum like that. I want you to take me with you.”

He must of had me on that edge 4 or 5 times before He told me to cum. It was mind boggling. Wave after wave of intensity washing through me. I kept my eyes open according to Him. But all I saw was a soft grey after a few seconds.

After that, He knew he had the power to unlock all the secrets of my body, whether I wanted to give them up or not.

Sure, now it’s easy for Him to turn me into a quivering, sopping, begging mess. But that’s because He took the time to learn and to teach.

Yah, I know. Not exactly the flamming hot Domly Dom/subby bdsm fantasy all over Tumblr. But it’s how it worked for us. ?

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